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    3. Johnston Plant Sales Ltd
      Quality New & Used Plant & Machinery
      Used Plant & Machinery Sales

      Image Gallery

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      NEW Yanmar B7-6 
8.2 Tonne Excavator with 3 piece offset boom..!
      Ammann ARX40 Tandem Roller
with a working width of 130 cm and
and operating weight of 4125 kg!
      NEW Yanmar SV100-2 PB
10 Tonne Excavator with 2 piece boom, offset and dozer blade!
      Yanmar SV08-1AS Micro Excavator - 1035kg operating weight, tracks only 680mm wide!
      Yanmar C12R-B Tracked Dumper - 1150kg capacity, 3-way tip
      Ammann APF1033H Forward Travel Plate Compactor - 330mm wide, 54 kg op weight
      Cormidi C13.85ACW Cormidi Tracked Dumper - remote control, self loader
      Ammann ASC 110 TIER 4i Single Drum Roller - 12 tonne
      Yanmar Vio17U Zero Tail Swing Excavator - Op weight 1765kg - variable width tracks