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    3. Johnston Plant Sales Ltd
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      Image Gallery

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      Yanmar C30R-2B Tracked Dumper - op weight 2365 kg, capacity 2500kg
      Ammann APF1240H Forward Plate Compactor - 400mm wide, weight 69kg
      Ammann ARX12 80cm wide Tandem Roller
      Ammann ARW65 with a Hatz diesel engine
      Ammann Rammax ARR 1575 Articulated Trench Roller - 680/850 wide drums (bolt on/off drum extensions)
      Ammann APA 20/30 Mounted Compactor for used on excavators 2 to 5 tonnes
      NEW Yanmar ViO50-6 - 5 tonne zero tails swing excavator
      Ammann ARX 110 Tier 4f Tandem Roller - drum width 1680 mm, op weight 10400 kg
      Ammann ACR60 Rammer - weight 62 kg - choice of shoe widths