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    3. Johnston Plant Sales Ltd
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      The Arrowhead range of Post Drivers

      Unique design for a multipurpose tool. Top mount for regular use as a breaker, side mount for post driving functions.

      Dual mounting allows for greater control and flexibility. Swap the point or chisel out for a post driver and quickly drive posts in.

      Swap to the low side mount when only driving posts to allow for ease of positioning and superior control. Making it easier to line posts up before driving them in.

      Low side mount allows for superior access in areas with minimal head space.

      In addition the low side mount means taller posts will be easier to handle.

      R40 Post DriverR45 Post DriverR55 Post DriverR65 Post Driver

      Hammer Specification unit R40 R45 R55 R65
      Max energy per blow J 260 550 680 810
      Require flow lpm 14-30 25-45 40-60 45-70
      Operating pressure bar 120 90 110 110
      Blows per min per min 650-1100 650-1100 700-1250 550-1200
      Guaranteed sound power dB 112 116 117 118
      Tool diameter mm 40 45 55 65
      Working weight kg 105 135 160 220
      Carrier weight Tonnes 0.7-1.5 1.5-2.8 2.8-4.0 4.0-5.5

      Call: 01926 659998 or email: sales@johnstonplant.com for more information.