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      Walk Behind Rollers

      The ARW 65 with a YANMAR diesel engine provides 2-in-1 capabilities that help you limit your machine investment.

      A high-amplitude setting provides a walk-behind roller that performs like it was custom built for work on soils and aggregates. With the flip of a switch the operator can adjust to a low-amplitude setting and have a roller that is a perfect fit in asphalt and bituminous materials.

      The ARW 65 features scrapers and a 60-litre water tank with sprinkler system to ensure the machine is ready to handle bituminous surfaces when called upon.

      Electric start is a standard feature.

      • Air-cooled diesel engine: powerful with low-emissions
      • Robust protective frame with central lifting point
      • Large, corrosion-free water tank (60 l) / water sprinkling for working on bituminous layers
      • Operator-friendly, low vibration handle, foldable for easy transport, with dead man's handle button
      • Hydrostatic drive lever and integrated switch to change centrifugal force
      • Integrated hydraulic parking brake
      • Hydrostatically adjustable eccentric weights allow compaction work on asphalt and on soil/gravel
      • Two hydraulic pumps to support drive and vibration (fast-wearing V-belt systems eliminated)
      • Hydrostatic vibratory shaft drive
      • Two scraper bars for each drum for automatic drum cleaning
      Call: 01926 659998 or email: sales@johnstonplant.com for more information.